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UltraSound systems

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A high-definition Ultrasound system that is economical, easy-to-use, highly efficient and of top quality. For further information, click here .


High-end U/S systems in economical prices. Philips HD7 U/S is ideal for every user. For further information click here .


Philips HD7XE UltraSound is the best option in the category of middle range U/S systems due to its technical features, such as Philips XRES and iScan technologies, TVI-colour tissue Doppler and free-hand...


3-D U/S Philips HD9 integrates advanced technologies including -among others- the easy-to-use 3D/4D imaging, STIC technology, iSlice technology for obtaining multi-slice images of a tumour and when combined...


Philips HD11 UltraSound is a pioneering U/S platform fully parameterized with innovative imaging and printing potential covering the whole spectrum of medical applications in Ultrasonography and Ultrasonic...


Philips HD15 is the latest and most advanced member of the HD family, providing solutions for the easy and fast daily examination of a large number of patients in even the most demanding applications integrating...


Philips iU22-intelligent ultrasound integrates the most innovative technologies, is easy-to-use, includes software for quantification and analysis of medical exams, as well as tools facilitating a fast...


The "intelligent Echocardiographer" Philips iE33-intelligent echo, integrates the most innovative and exclusive technologies, such as 3D Transoesophageal Echocardiography (3D TEE), 4D/3D Transthoracic...


The portable/compact UltraSound Philips CX50-compact extreme ultrasound, combines technologies of high range U/S iE 33 and iU22, integrating them in a U/S system with absolute portability and high quality...


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