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Gynaecology Equipment

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Medworks has brought the ECLERIS colposcopes to the market of Northern Greece. The C-100 colposcope uses high quality wide field optics with 5 levels of magnification (4/6/10/16&25 times) and...


Our Company is the Representative Agent for the firm Cooper Surgical in Greece, with regard to Cardiotocography systems and the DEXA Bone Density Scanning Systems. The Cooper F9 Cardiotocographer...

Dry Sterilizer

Gimette 21 Gimette 28

High-vacuum Autoclave

Andromeda Vacuum XP 16lt Andromeda Vacuum XP 21lt

Unipolar - Bipolar Diathermies

Diatermo MB 122 Diatermo MB 160


Cryopexy Liesengang Cryopexy LL100 Wallach

Various Medical Instruments

Full range of instruments necessary for a Gynaecology Office/Clinic.


Stools with or without back support, made in Greece or France.


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