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Cardiologyl Equipment

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Stress Test ECG

Stress Test ECG: Norav has flexible digital stress tests (wired and wireless) that are compatible with most medical ergometer treadmills and ergometer bicycles, offering in this way the potential...

ECG Holter

ECG Holter/ ECG- 24h ECG Monitoring and Recording The 24h ECG Holter recording and analysis has never been easier than with the Norav Holter NH-300 system. Holter NH-300 has the following features:...

Blood Pressure Holter

Blood Pressure Holter-24h Blood Pressure Monitoring and Recording Blood Pressure Holter Norav NBP-24NG has state-of-the-art potential and technical features. For example, -it complies with the...

Cardiograph NECG3

With foldable screen for continuous imaging through 12 leads simultaneously and 3-channel recording, data base and connection with PC


Wireless Bluetooth 12ch ECG compatible with PC

Green ECG-LAN paperless

Norav manufactures the Wireless Cardiotocographer W-Lan ECG, Ideal for hospital and clinical use. It is a 12-channel cardiotocographer with automatic diagnosis, fully portable with a special wheeled...

Portable Cardiograph

Portable Cardiography system with integrated LCD screen with 3,6, or 12 leads, stores 250 cardiographs. It coordinates with a PC, operates offline, online and as PC-ECG br />


12ch ECG compatible with every pc environment. Printing with simple printer, measurement program, archiving, connectibility, ECG e-mailing.

Event Recorder NER1

System for recording and sending recordings of cardiac events.


Norav provides its customers with upgradings for its products free of charge. Contact with Mr Hatzivasiliou at 2310 919438 or send mail making a request for your system upgrading.


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